Capture your essence

show up authentically to be truly seen by your ideal audience

Let me introduce myself

Hi! I'm Annemarie!

(not Anne)

I'm your Creative Mastermind.

A creative chameleon, wildcard, and 4/6 splenic Manifestor. 

My mission is to make showing up in business more fun, add playfulness to your marketing and create holistic branding that instantly makes the right people SEE and RESONATE with the authentic You. 

Polished, “perfect” and professional sleek are so overrated.

I specialise in bespoke branding, (virtual) photography and video that breaks the mould and captures your multidimensionality.

My mission:

empower fellow women entrepreneurs with creativity + authenticity

Self exploration through creative photography

I don’t just take photos of what I see.

I take a photo of what I feel about the person, their essence, their story.

And I use my magically chaotic creative mind to translate vibe into visuals.

When you take a selfie or look into the mirror, we often forget to take in the whole picture. And end up zeroing in on our perceived flaws.

Let me floor you with ALL the epicness that is within you and make it so utterly visible to you, you’ll get why people want to hype you!

Content Marketing + Branding that's YOU

The way I see many people show up online is either:

a) being so polished and professional that they become bland, or

b) not being sure how exactly to show up authentically and being all over the place.

Both result in a kinda Frankensteiny approach, where everything seems cobbled together (especially if you outsource different parts).


My approach is in an overall branding review, working on what feels and looks authentic and then to get the content done for and with you!

close up photo of a blonde woman in a floral dress holding a white flower between her lips, looking up. her face is edited in black and white, the background is in colour.

My favourite tool = virtual photography

For the 10 years I’ve been in creative marketing and content, I worked in person, on the ground and in over 20 countries.

But now I get to use virtual photography, which makes it so much easier to work with ANYONE in the world. You just need your phone + WiFi.

Most people don’t even know this exists and that it could make their business so much easier!

Everyone can take a selfie, but can they take a good photo of themselves that also reflects their high quality brand? Exactly.

Ways to work with me


Whether virtual or in person, revamp your brand images.

In 30 minutes, we can create a month's worth of done-for-you content.


Do you need a new brand video? Social media reels?

I do creative direction, concepting, filming and video editing.


If you need a brainstorming buddy or to get unstuck.

I offer 1:1 calls to share my expertise and be your soundboard with solutions.


I offer reviews of your overall branding and content.

This way, you can see where adjustments are neccessary and how to go about it.

The impact I have:


"Shooting with Annemarie today was an amazing experience! I have done remote shoots before. But with her, it was so much more personalised. It was a lot of fun! We went through the outfits, the jewellery, everything I had here together and it was just very streamlined. It's a lot less pressure. It's so much more relaxed. Remote shoots are quickly becoming a favourite of mine."
"Hey Annemarie! It was fun and easy to work with you! Thank you so much. I look forward to hiring you soon again. I recommend you for anything video-related and even for your creativity and your mind. And you're amazing!"
"Enter Annemarie! She showed me how to fix everything I didn’t know I was doing wrong - and she did it in a way that didn’t make me feel stupid or spoken down to. She knew what my problems were and crafted clear solutions. I feel as if this is an important step in my business - love and appreciate the new confidence i’m feeling to get this done xo"
"Annemarie is a creative video wizardess."
Annemarie is a miracle maker. Stop getting confused with a bunch of sites and mixed information. Your time means MONEY!"
Fernanda Sarmento
Fernanda Sarmento
"Wowww amazing!!! That was such a wonderful day with you! The photos are super beautiful."

Biz on the Brain Podcast

If you want to see and hear Annemarie in action, listen to her conversations with fellow female entrepreneurs about the power of authenticity and creativity.

Let's connect!

If you want to book me, you can send me an email or jump straight into a scheduled video chat with me.

We need to do those anyway so I can get a feeling for how I can help you best (I’m very intuitive). And you get to experience the energy and pasion I bring.

Also, I’m always open to networking and collaborating.

Maybe my virtual photography could be a cool way to add to your existing services since it has both amazing benefits for flexible branding, easy content AND healing qualities to it (think Inner Child healing and Manifestation visualisation).

These are my creative self portraits!