My Value Statement

Annemarie Strehl creating videos in her head
Annemarie Strehl in motion
The Beginning

Where the passion for creative and authentic branding came from.

Bugs rained down onto the screen of the ridiculously tiny laptop that was the only source of light in the middle of the Australian outback, except maybe for the gazillion stars in the night sky.

You’d think after a long week of nonstop travelling and long days full of video and photo creation, there would be a stop to this madness. But no.

(ADHD hyperfocus can be weird and wonderful thing, albeit exhausting nonetheless.)

Stop someone else did. Namely someone who had noticed the relentless drive – for what, he did not know and therefore inquired. “I am creating content for my business.”

Fast forward and that encounter would lead to her first gig as a hired photographer and videographer that soon led to even more projects all over Australia, leading her to Japan, England and all around the world.

Ultimately working with over 200 brands in over 20 countries in her first 10 years.

Annemarie Strehl video editor with yellow background

Creative Mastermind​

Being multi-passionate and constantly expanding her repertoire led Annemarie to realising how everything is tied together and a big picture, holistic approach is needed to really have an impact and create alignment. (With yourself and your audience, too).


She now uses her expertise to offer general mentorships in showing up authentically online, infusing more creativity and playfulness into business and to get clients unstuck.

From that knowledge, she can then create bespoke visuals that capture the essence of the women she works with: be it through (virtual) photo or video.


At the core, it’s all about storytelling.

The journey

Content Creature

2014 focus on travel content creation: blog copy, destination photography & tourism video production

2020 offering video editing services, including testimonial edits, brand trailers and UGC

2023 diving into virtual photography as a way to expand my international client base and creative services


Annemarie Strehl scouting video shoot location
videos edited
> 450
photo clicks per hour
brands worked with
> 150
Countries visited
Years in Business

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a powerful tool. According to Cisco, 82% of web traffic will be directed towards video content.

Video marketing is story telling. And in essence, stories are what create brand awareness and loyalty.

Video marketing is personal. People buy from people. And if you want to show up authentically in your small business, video can be the gateway of people getting to know you.

Video edits

Turn those written and visual testimonials into one impressive video that show your potential clients exactly what you do and how you’ll make them feel!

Example video:
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Video Strategy
Social Media

Do not just create one epic video and call it a day! You need to maximise its potential, repurpose, resize and reshare to reach as many people as possible. And don’t forget SEO. I can help.

white headband product shot in phone
Creative Direction

Before you start a video project, you have to be clear on what the goal is, how to visually translate it and what exactly to film – including the framing, lighting, set up, angles etc. I give virtual direction and create storyboards.

fashion shoot photo in phone

You want your products to shine on video through unique stop motion or pretty sets?

Or maybe you need a videographer onsite who can also edit the video? I am potentially available to travel.

Example videos: