Autumnal portrait photoshoot

Hi! I’m Annemarie, a photographer based in Bamberg, Germany. And to celebrate the season of autumn (or fall, whatever you want to call it), I went into the forest and brought some home to my studio. Here’s how my portrait photography turned out.

Loving the autumnal colour scheme

I got some funny stares as I carried 2 metre-long branches out of the forest. My timing was good because a previous storm had knocked down quite some branchy debris, which I could then could take easily. (Plus, it was already cleaned off the mud from the rain).

I let it sit out on the balcony for a few days to air out (and let the bugs escaped), before I set up my indoor scene. The idea was to recreate an indoor autumn photoshoot with natural looking props, so I chose branches with leaves attached and lots of crooked bends. I even collected some dead grasses, thistles (ouch!) and other wilted foliage from the dewy meadows. Dedication to detail!

It lacked just a bit of colour
so I added some lilac flowers

A total of 12 layers
make up this image

My original portrait photo idea was to decorate long flowing hair with leaves instead of the typical delicate flower portraits. But since my lovely models are turban wearers, we incorporated their headscarves and turbans into the shoot instead.

It worked really well and matched the colour scheme of my autumnal portrait photoshoot perfectly. While I do provide the creative concepts and directions, I also always love listening to my models’ ideas, what they’re comfortable with and how they would tweak my ideas.

Always a fun time in
my photography sessions

Big shoutout to my
my lovely models

I like to produce both evergreen as well as seasonal photography. It really depends on the project and the client’s needs.

If you could use updates to your business photography in whatever shape or form (maybe as social media content), schedule a free Creative Call with me so we can discuss what works best for you at this moment and with your existing marketing strategy.

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