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Energy & Intuition

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Fashion & Intuition

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The Subconscious & Intuition

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Being Your Niche & Intuition

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Your Voice & Intuition

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ADHD Skills & Intuition

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Self Talk & Networking

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Boundaries & Self Care

Out 14 April 2023

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Your host

Hi! I'm Annemarie

Why did I start this podcast?

For me, the most insightful and life changing insights often come from conversations.

I’m an external processor and hearing my thoughts out loud (since they are spinning in circles all day, every day) AND getting to hear other people’s perspective and approaches is just incredibly powerful.

We’re all unique, so we should honour our unique paths but sometimes we just need that extra validation of other people’s stories.

And I always wanted to bottle up these chats.

So I decided to start a podcast to share these conversations to show different kinds of entrepreneurs, their genius, and how they work.

Because at the end of the day, it is freeing to see others pave their own way, so we ourselves can create our very own reality of a life and business that is entirely suited to us.

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