Clone Photography

These creative fashion shoots were done via virtual photography, which meant my models were on an entirely differnet continent and yet I could project manage, coordinate, plan and execute the shooting remotely.

The idea behind clone photography is to add playfulness, show a look in different poses and create a dynamic and fresh vibe.


"Thank you so much! The photos are so beautiful. We both love them so much."
A black woman with straighr black hair is standing in a field of sunflowers, looking off to the side with a smile on her face. She is wearing a white shirt, golden necklaces and black sunglasses on her head
"OMG so epic! Thank you!!!!"
"Oh I love these photos! So awesome!"
"They are just so nice I want to share them all! I got many reactions btw all of my friends are asking if I am modeling for a pro photographer now"
"Wowww amazing!!! That was such a wonderful day with you! The photos are super beautiful."
"Wow! I didn’t expect this would be so nice!"
close up of black haired woman looking at camera with hydrangeas in front of her face