woman wearing black clothes showing different poses

Paint the town pink: Creative fashion photo shoot

I love playing around with creative portrait photos and seeing what else I can turn them into. Sometimes it’s because inspiration strikes me. And sometimes it’s because I’m not entirely satisfied with the outcome.

Either way, I want to share this creative fashion photo shoot edits with you because they give me 60s vibes with the colours and shapes, 80s vibes with the doodle elements and 90s vibes with the clothing choices. What do you think?

I am currently obsessed with virtual photography.

This means I can work with clients and models on photo projects anywhere in the world as long as there’s a stable internet connection.

For this shoot, I worked with a model in Amsterdam while I was in Germany.

Distance apart: 311.19 mi (500.81 km)

It still baffles me how that’s possible but it’s just remote photography, way better than taking screengrabs, obviously. And it really depends on the phone camera quality and lighting situation.

woman in black clothes copied into picture in 5 poses in front of pink squares
creative layering of woman in different poses in black and pink

Sadly, for this shoot both weren’t optimal. In our test session, it seemed alright but upon reviewing the actual photos, the lighting wasn’t enough for the phone camera to provide crips images.

You can’t edit a photo that lacks details sharp, so I was in a conundrum.

The model Aigul absolutely served. I had sent her a moodboard with distinct poses and within 10 minutes she served so many variations, I just snapped and snapped away.

It was so easy to work with her, I barely had to give directions.

I didn’t want to retake the session, I knew I could make something out of the photos. √§But it took me a week until inspiration struck at 1am after I was mindlessly doodling on the images with my Bamboo pad.

It was a fun illustration but not the quality or look I wanted.

But then as it so happened, I rearranged and rearranged, played with colours and more doodling and ended up with the fashion edits you see here.

woman in black clothes copied into picture in 6 poses in front of pink squares
woman in black clothes posing on pink stairs

This photo in particular took me ages to edit. The original was actually really nice but I needed it to pop.

So I coloured each step of the stairs in different pink tones. Just to slap overall pink on the image anyway.

And if you look closely, you can even see her face projected back onto the wall. I liked that little touch.

Also, to keep it consistent with the other fashion visuals, I doodled the same tones of pink into her hair.

To give you a little peek into the process, here are the original, unedited images and you can see where the lighting failed.

With a proper lighting set up, this would’ve been fine. There are many benefits to virtual photography, but that’s one downside. I can’t be there and arrange and adjust things.

I do like the eventual concept of the shoot and might recreate it on purpose. With better lighting and in higher resolution, of course.

16 thumbnails of model in white room going through poses

If you are interested in hiring me for virtual brand photoshoots or creative editorial concepting, get in touch!

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