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When Creative Portrait Photography shows the Queen you are

My current obsession is gorgeously fantastic creative portrait photography that truly shows how I see my subjects: as the Queen they are. For that I am combining simple virtual photoshoots that any woman who wants more confidence or just seeks to have epic selfies to celebrate herself can do from the comfort of her home.

Hi! I’m Annemarie, a creative portrait photographer in Bamberg, Germany (but I work internationally and do virtual photoshoots where I can work with clients anywhere the wifi is. All you need is your phone and an app.)

Photography and Self Confidence

When I look through the camera lens, I see what makes my clients radiant and beautiful and want to capture that.

Often, I do this by entertaining them to make them loosen up, feel good and laugh.

If I have to pull out a few dad jokes, so be it. That’s when I get the best natural shots.

I am all for giving guidance on posing but then adding a little personal flavour.

Because the photos should be about you!

After all, doing a photoshoot is an almost intimate experience. Someone captures your essence from an outside perspective, they grab a moment and encapsulate it in a photo.

It could be a derp face or a vibrant smile. There are so many little details to consider, and a professional people photographer has a trained eye for those.

So it’s no wonder most selfies are not satisfactory.

Be honest. How often have you taken a gazillion selfies cause you felt yourself just to be disappointed in them?

Maybe you find one.

But then you don’t feel like slaying as much anymore. It takes the wind out off your sails. You feel unphotogenic. Or that you don’t have a ‘good side’.


Everyone can look good in photos. It’s really about how the photo is taken.

The angle, the distance, the composition, the lighting, etc.

And taking selfies way up too close to the face make faces look distorted. That’s just how lenses work.

Which is one more benefit of virtual photography: you can have selfies taken with your phone but you can step away, be hands-free and just look cute.


Artsy Portrait Photos

With virtual photography I cannot come over and just create a beautiful set or style your clothes. I am doing the directing and giving tips from afar.

Working with what is already there in the chosen location of my clients gives me a creative challenge.

And it also gives them a different perspective on things.

For instance, standing in spots around the house they had never considered as a great photo background.

Or thinking about times when the sunlight softly falls through the windows and throws gorgeous shadows.

But sometimes I only work with a white wall.

I can simply weak the colours and change the wall up to really bring out the outfit and my subject.

Or I take it as my creative canvas if the client has booked my Selfie Queen photo package.

This means I open Photoshop and let the magic happen.

I never quite know what the end result will be as every photo is bespoke and reflects the mood of the moment.

It could be powerful and dark.
Or it could be light and airy.
Strong and feminine.
You name it.

I select various images to create creative photo collages that look editorial and artsy to frame the subject and make her shine.

The images I usually pull are vintage illustrations from botany books. I do live me some pretty floral portrait photos and it gives some added feminine touch as well without looking too cheesy.

Sometimes I create intricate scenes, depending on how I feel things naturally work together and what my current inspiration is suggesting.

It’s part of the creative process that I let flow freely. I enjoy it a lot and love the final reveal video chat, where I present the final photo edits to my clients and watch them be so surprised of the results.

“I had no idea a phone photo could look so good” is the best compliment I can get as a virtual photographer.

After all, the image quality really depends on what your phone camera can produce and what the lighting situation is in the location. I can only do so much from afar. And sometimes want to grab through the screen and make adjustments.

But that’s what communication is for.

In the shoot I give directions and it’s like a phone conversation on speaker while I see my clients’ screens and can take the virtual photos remotely via an app. (Only in session, not at any other time.)

I absolutely love spreading the joy through photography.

And the more and more I practice with my own self-portraits for creative concepting and to put myself in my clients’ shoes, the more my own confidence grows.

Good profile photography can really have that effect over time. To me, it has become a practice of self-love. But that’s a blog post for another time.

If you are curious to get your own queenly portrait photos taken virtually – could be even used as a gift for your bestie – do get in touch with questions or click right through to my booking page.

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