Goddess Edits - Creative Portrait Photography & Editing

These creative portraits were created using virtual photography, which means they were taken remotely with the client’s phone.

It’s so crazy to think how this makes working internationally so easy and how the quality of the photos is still good enough for these results.

Note that many of these took place in front of a white wall and in a bedsheet, acting like a canvas to really create a scene capturing the vibe of the women in front of my lens.

It’s ultimately a trust exercise but so freeing and the reactions upon the big reveal are priceless! A great ego boost for both sides, for sure.


"Thank you so much! The photos are so beautiful. We both love them so much."
A black woman with straighr black hair is standing in a field of sunflowers, looking off to the side with a smile on her face. She is wearing a white shirt, golden necklaces and black sunglasses on her head
"OMG so epic! Thank you!!!!"
"Oh I love these photos! So awesome!"
"They are just so nice I want to share them all! I got many reactions btw all of my friends are asking if I am modeling for a pro photographer now"
"Wowww amazing!!! That was such a wonderful day with you! The photos are super beautiful."
"Wow! I didn’t expect this would be so nice!"
close up of black haired woman looking at camera with hydrangeas in front of her face