Creative Portrait Photoshoot in the Backyard

Thanks to virtual photography, I can have a creative portrait photoshoot at home – anyone’s home really, depending on who books a virtual photosession with me.

This one is with model Anna Alexis Posch. It was a simple summer shoot in a floral dress in front of a flower-covered wall and I decided to add a little extra black and white edit to make it more editorial.

photo edit of a woman hiding half her face behind a bunch of dried flowers

The virtual photo session we held in a backyard with a beautiful floral accent creeping up the bricks that worked super well with the white floral dress of the model.

To add some more floral elements, we had a flower bouqet, watering can and wicker basket, adding to the overall gardening vibe.

photo edit of a woman holding a woven beach bag filled with flowers
woman in floral dress holds a watering can and stands in front of grey wall with white flowers

Thanks to Anna’s camera, I could access a wide camera lens as well and got some full body shots as well that allowed a view of the entire setting and outfit.

Most of the photos were taken with the regular camera lens. (Never the selfie lens!)

Here’s a little breakdown of the post-production / photo editing process.

I changed the colours and hue of the shadows in Lightroom and decided to do a virtual copy with a black and white edit and slight grain on top.

I loved both and couldn’t decide on one option, so I layered them in Photoshop and outlined the model. Initially, I intended to make the background grey tones but then forgot to invert the mask. The result I actually preferred and applied this effect to the rest of the images.

That’s the creative process for you. Trial and error. I love it!

If you want to see more photos I did with Anna, check out our ballgown session and the rooftop session.

Personally, I find it great to do a variety of shoots and sets with the same model. Just because you know each other better, understand the prompts more, vibe more and also try different things.

That helps the entire creative process to think outside of the box but having some stable variables thrown in there.

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