woman in pink dirndl standing in brown grass field with her hands at her sides, holding sunflowers

Dirndl Photoshooting in Bamberg – A Lesson in Self Love

have you ever worn a dirndl? Even outside of Oktoberfest season, this traditional Bavarian wear looks gorgeous and it’s too pretty to not pull out for a professional dirndl photoshooting celebrating its beauty! Good thing I’m a local photographer in Bamberg, Bavaria. Here is how the shoot turned out!

Luckily, some sunflowers were
still in bloom so we could use them as props

To match the soft colours
we decided to shoot during a cloudy sunset

Why everyone should have dirndl photography!

Ok, not EVERYone. But those that actually own traditional garb, such as dirndl and lederhosen, know just how expensive this can be. Especially if you get good quality and not just a fast fashion one from high fashion stores during Oktoberfest.

A proper dirndl costs upwards of 1500 USD! Don’t be surprised to drop 5K on the full geat, including lace vest, apron and accessories.

Those dresses are an investment and usually come out for special celebrations only.

That’s why I never understood why you wouldn’t also invest in a professional photoshoot to just look absolutely stunning and celebrate the tradition in powerful photos.

We all are so used to having a quick snap of ourselves at the drop of our fingers. The phone is typically right there. But then we complain about not looking good. No surprise there – it’s all in the correct way of taking a photo.

A little behind the scenes peek,
with me at work and my lovely assistant helping out.

A shoot during bad light conditions
is tricky but can lead to such cool artsy photos too.

Step back from the camera, use a different lens, work the angles, use good lighting and have a professional photographer at hand. This way, everyone can look like a million bucks. And you deserve to!

That’s why I love my job as a photographer in Bamberg. I get to capture epic moments and help people feel more empowered by jjust looking at their picture. It’s crazy just how much we take ourselves for granted and easily put our looks down. (The media certainly isn’t helping with self love.)

Here’s how to celebrate yourself through photography

(Self) portraits are a great way of getting familiar with yourself through something other than a mirror.

Most people instantly fall prey to self criticism when looking in the mirror. (If they even look at themselves in the mirror at all!) It’s all about analysing all the flaws relentlessly.

You’ve probably heard of the flipped camera on your phone, that presents the mirrored image of yourself back to you. If you deactivate it, your face will seem ‘off’ to you. (But that’s how others see it!)

And the thing is, when others look at you, they don’t do so in stillness. You are not sitting there quietly for them to take in every detail. They see you animated.

And exactly the You in motion is what makes you you. It’s beautiful. It’s what people see when they describe what makes you beautiful in their eyes.

But if you never capture yourself in action (and no, making a selfie duck face doesn’t count), you never get to see that.

So prop your camera off somewhere, look up a few poses and then try your hand at some elevated selfie photography and self appreciation. Or you can hire me for a professional photoshoot with added confidence boosting. I’m always happy to make my clients see just how absolutely amazing they are!

When you’re ready for your top-tier photography moment, feel free to reach out.

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