How to make your indoor videos look professional

Struggling with video?

You know there is so many things that go into video

and many businesses are moving online now.


But you’ve been putting it off?

Get the actionable guide!


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Is this book right for you?
  • You are not really sure where to start and how to keep it going?
  • You just want to make a quick little instruction video but only have so much time to learn yet another new thing?
  • And how do you make it look professional and not just like a regular zoom call?
  • Can you use your laptop and smartphone or do you need a camera?

Then you could use this handy little step-by-step ebook

I have compiled an extensive guide to help you through all the steps you need to take to start recording video. This way, you know exactly what to think about, what to tweak to get a more polished look and to shoot clean and good quality video that you can proudly publish.

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Reader reviews

“I’ve been shooting video for years, but could never understand why it didn’t seem to measure up to other videos I was seeing online.


Enter Annemarie! She showed me how to fix everything I didn’t know I was doing wrong – and she did it in a way that didn’t make me feel stupid or spoken down to. She knew what my problems were and crafted clear solutions without ever seeing any video I’ve produced.


Thanks so much, Annemarie! I feel as if this is an important step in my business – love and appreciate the new confidence i’m feeling to get this done xo”

– Katey Caswell

“Stop getting confused with a bunch of sites and mixed information. Your time means MONEY!


Annemarie has distilled all the juicy tips for us in this pdf. Just follow her simple steps. You’ll know how to start without spending money, or, if you’re ready to invest, how to make the most of it!” Fernanda Sarmento

Absolutely loved this ebook by Annemarie. I am just getting started with vlogging and my biggest concern is how I look in front of the camera and mostly just freeze instead of being able to talk naturally (like to a friend).


In this ebook, Annemarie addresses this concern and her tips are very workable. I know how I am going to use these “non-travel” days to improve my “on-camera” skills before I get to acing editing and promoting them.


Thanks for a bite-sized, easy to understand course (loved the summaries at the end).Jyotsna Ramani

„Annemarie gives a ton load of tips and tricks about how to start up your own videos indoors. She’s price-conscious and provides brands and products that are useful.


The only thing better would be to have the chapters accompanied by video tutorials by Annemarie.” Lea Ramesar

As a solopreneur I understand the importance and power of video. However, lack of specific know-how and confidence has kept videos on the back burner.


I’m really glad “How to make your business videos look professional” by Annemarie Strehl crossed my path. I’d add “a simple and manageable approach” as a tagline because this is exactly what Annemarie has offered.


She guided me through what equipment is a must, always suggesting we work with what we already have, and if purchases are necessary, what to specifically look for.


She touches all the bases tech wise (camera, lighting, microphones, editing, streaming, props, etc.). I especially appreciated Annemarie’s advice in the pep talk section about the imposter syndrome as well as her tips on natural delivery.


I highly recommend this e-book to all beginners’ planning to upgrade their business with video, without becoming a cinematographer.Geneviève Côté



What will you learn?
You will get a list of specific recommendations for technical equipment in various budgets ranges.

I give you three different scenarios so you can maximise the potential of the equipment you do have and know what you can improve on in case you want to upgrade.

You will learn the basics of setting up your equipment and video background

How do you set up lighting that looks natural and professional? How do you make your background not look like a zoom call?

I will also cover how to prepare notes for your video, how to deliver naturally and how to build confidence.

Video really brings out personality, so let’s skip the awkwardness and really embrace the fun side of it all!