Fairy Portrait Photoshoot

Hi! I’m Annemarie, a photographer based in Bamberg, Germany. And I love creative portrait shoots. And sometimes I make epic selfies so I can practice my photography skills, try out creative concepts and share my art. Here is my latest fairy photoshoot to celebrate autumn.

I was still super pumped after the autumnal portrait photoshoot I did and had all these lovely forest props, leaves and greenery that I actually didn’t use as it didnt match the colour palette. So I decided to give those props some love.

The original idea for my photoshoot was some fairy magic with delicate leaves stacked in long flowy hair with some ethereal and over-the-top make up. All of that was scrapped for coherence and a natural minimalist concept.

Luckily, I had green, bumpy pumpkins,
and they fit the colour scheme so well.

But with it all being at hand and me often using myself as a model for epic selfies and photography practice, I decided to repurpose the set and kick off another photoshoot with an entirely different theme.

So I went with the green leaves, wrapped a wreath as a flower crown, donned some green clothes and decided to offset the colour with a pop of pink. (Good thing I have an arsenal of wigs at my disposal to match my photoshoot themes.)

And so this photoshoot came about rather spontaneously. But the photos turned out really fun and unexpected. I do love to work with in-the-moment inspiration a lot instead of meticulously planning my photoshoots. Because even if I do, I like throwing things around or switching them around last minute anyway.

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