Imposter Syndrome – Symbolism Photoshoot

Creative photography is a form of art and much of it is open to interpretation. Looking at these somewhat creepy styled photos, viewers might come up with all kinds of different takes. And my own changed over the course of creating and editing these self portraits.

Imposter Syndrome

That’s what I call this artsy photograph. It’s feeling like the expertise (ie ‘crown’) is just made out of fragile twigs and trying to hold it together while others are reaching for you.

Be it to ask for your advice, commission your work or put you on some sort of pedestal while you are never feeling quite adequate.

Of course it’s all in your head, which is why the hands are somewhat faint and don’t feel solid or real.


One thing I often hear from my clients (and a feeling I know all too well) is that it feels uncomfortable and vulnerable to put yourself and your stories out there, especially on social media.

To me, broadcasting your expertise and work, ironically can feel daunting too but is much easier. It’s almost like hiding behind the mask of professionalism.

And through that, the personality and honesty gets left behind. Stories are really what drive trust in a personal brand, equally through honest sharing of flaws and wins.

There will always be critics and trolls, the ‘thorns, if you will. But it’s better to live authentically and attract them, than to hide and attract them anyway. We cannot make it right by everyone. Might as well make ourselves proud first.

Prickly competitiveness

I never quite warmed up to the fact that in business, connections are either seen as opportunities or competition.

Especially if we are truly being fuelled by our special expertise, creative teams that compliment one another and strive for synergy, why can’t that apply on a macro level?

If so many entrepreneurs are running businesses that are very similar, why not naturally differeniate yourself by standing out with your actual uniqueness: story, failures, successes, lived experiences, etc.

And by working together, we can create the synergy, expand our network and raise each other up. We don’t have to do it all and snatch all the projects for the hustle of it all.

Energetic ebb and flow

The typical 9-5 has absolutely never worked for my own cycadian rhythm. It was brutal in school, it stayed tedious at school and turned horrible again at work.

I am not creative in the mornings and slowly wake up as the day progresses, with me working best in the afternoon and evenings.

Add to that ADHD and the monthly cycle of a woman and being forced to perform at constistent levels every day like that of a neurotypical man (around which these rhythms are centred), just seems ludicrous to me the more learn about all this.

So here’s the photo to symbolise working in line with the moon instead with some witchy vibes for extra badassery.

Infinite mind

I mentioned ADHD and this image depicts how I see my mind.

It’s like an endless galaxy with constant thoughts flickering in unison (i.e. difficulty directing focus), some of them more noticeable others already gone but their dying light still reaching us (i.e. recollecting random thoughts of the past).

Vast and mostly unknown.

After my late diagnosis, I’ve been on a mission to understand myself better and work more in line with my needs instead of masking them away for the comfort of neurotypicals.

And to learn more about the neurodivergent brain. In fact, research has only recently taken to the topic more in depth and considering the perspective of affected individuals, especially women.

There’s still so much stigma, so much ignorance and so much left to look into.

Here are some more photos of the series with less of a dramatic edit and more of a raw format. They still work without any special editing effects in their simplicity and the blank background.

Funnily enough, I chose to paint the forehead a deep black and the line around the eyes a deep red for some slightly distubing effect, almost like war paint.

And then decided to pull the wig down and add a black veil or photograph in a blurry way. So ultimately, it wasn’t even necessary. And it took quite a while to get the paint off on top of that.

But that’s just the perfectionism coming in again.

If you are curious about my creative work or want to work with me on unique and bespoke visuals, get in touch.

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