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If you are a service-based business owner/entrepreneur, you will most likely show up for your clients personally, whether that's virtually through (video) calls or onsite.

Video offers this beautiful opportunity to connect with people - even if you're not doing it live. That's excellent news for introverts.

You can introduce yourself in video to amplify your voice and skip the awkward getting to know stage and attract those people that resonate with your energy and style.

Available in the English and German language.

Ideas for leveraging your personality in your video marketing:

🎞 Video business card - Turn your elevator pitch into a short video that you can post on all your channels as a starting point for people who have just discovered you

🎞 Business trailer - showing the story and mission of your work, what drives you and makes your products unique?

🎞  Behind the scenes - How do you approach work? How does your day look like? What are your special skills and where did you learn them?

🎞 Automated newsletter series - you can do quick video welcome sequences and gifs to embed in emails

🎞 FAQs - how to assemble or use the products, ideas for styling, etc

🎞 Every one of these can be repurposed to be shared on social media (vertical, horizontal, square)

Please note that by clicking on the images, you can see example videos and video testimonials.

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To keep the look consistent and sleek, I created a unique video look for the Jamaica King RARAX3 YouTube Channel.

Along with editing rough footage into a consistent storyline, branded visuals were particularly important to the channel creator.

Short clips for social media sharing were created as well.

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Many course providers like to keep their teaching visuals simple. However, talking head video content can feel so much more direct and engaging as opposed to text slides.

To speed up the editing process, channel the brand design and create an overarching look with educational feel, I created a template in Premiere Pro. This came with interchangeable animations and a short guide

wise & fun company logo on phone
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For the YouTube channel of the reiki brand Wise & Fun I created the snazzy intro and outro sequence based on the branding guidlines to achieve a consistentendly branded look for all video appearances.

The video material I sourced from a live stream and recut to smoothen out the pacing, add text and polish it up a bit more.

kastanien schneiden im Funkelfaden Tutorial Video
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The German YouTube channel for the high ranking DIY blog Funkelfaden needed more content. So I was hired to shoot on location to create beautiful and simple video tutorials breaking down the steps through visuals and text. I paired with the cutesy brand style and fitting music and created short Instagram stories and reels as well.

Coco Berlin Foto on the phone
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For the female body mindfulness and positivity brand around Coco Berlin and Essence of Bellydance, I revamped thumbnails and retexted the descriptions, adding powerful keywords to push lower performing videos some more and gain more traction overall for the channel.

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For the YouTube-hosted interview series of Nora Dunn aka The Professional Hobo, I concepted and edited a matching intro and outro sequence.

The idea was to capture the wide range of speakers featured and the extensive background in travel and content creation of the channel owner herself.

"Annemarie is a creative video wizardess. She offered to speak with me for about an hour. We got on a video call ... to make my videos really shine and to express my personality and the personality of my brand. I highly recommend working with Annemarie."


Jaclyn Junger

Website designer + course creator

“Wow, Annemarie, that looks awesome! Very creative!! Thank you!! I am in awe.”


Coco Berlin

Pelvic floor expert and author

"Annemarie is a miracle maker. I had really basic and raw testimonials footage, and she was able to build an engaging narrative from it.

She is caring and super helpful in all stages of production."


Fernanda Sarmento

Reiki master