multiple clones of black woman in brown dress sitting on orange bleachers

Nature, clones and Queens on a New York photoshoot

I recently did a virtual photoshoot in New York state with a model. And we had such a blast and came out with amazing images. So I simply have to share this here on my photo blog.

First off, we started at a parking lot near her former school and I saw the grass patch between the lanes and her her pose there.

With a little photoshop AI I filled in the concrete road with more grass and now it looks like we ventured out into nature.

I purposefully muted the green tones to really make her the centre and bring out the beautiful monochromatic brown tones.

Here you can really see the power of AI photoshop edits.

And a nice side effect is that nobody has to walk around in tall grass over meadows to get to locations and set up a shaky tripod.

Plus, there’s no potential thread from ticks lurking. (Honestly, one of my fears.)

Next up, we went over to the sporting grounds for a photo at the bleachers.

And in typical fashion, I just had to create one of my signature clone photos. The symmetry simply begged for it!

And my model Angela was such a good sport and climbed the stairs multiple times in her heels and in the heat of the sun. What a trooper!

The original idea was for her to wear a nude dress (matching her skin tone) so I can use it for a doodle art fashion photo.

And we found a brick wall to take photos in front of but then ended up taking all these other photos too because we were so inspired.

Even with the little bit of grass and trees, we could make it look like we set out on a nature photoshoot.

It’s always about the angles and what is shown (and not shown).

three black women standing on green grass

Angela had to trust the process because, as always with virtual photoshoots, the model doesn’t see the screen and her poses.

Nor can I demonstrate what I want as we are not using the selfie camera. The back cameras have better quality and that’s what we’re going for.

But this also results in more fun, cool prompts and laughter when there’s a miscommunication (similar to playing the telephone game).

But she was such a professional, she took all the prompts and ran with them!

So when Angela posed in front of the wall, she had no idea how the final doodle edit would come out and her reaction to it was absolutely amazing. I caught it on video!

Angela loved our fashion shoot so much, she left me multiple testimonials, written and in video. And also instantly changed her profile picture. The best compliments a photographer can get!

If you want to work on authentic and fun personal profile photos or need some artsy edits, get in touch!

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