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Video editing

How does distant reiki work? To showcase the effectiveness and healing power that can be achieved with distant reiki, I was commissioned by Fernanda of Wise & Fun to create one creative and likewise inspiring video edit out of four simple testimonial clips.


Working in the existing branding material, I created an upbeat animated logo as well as brand-consistent text overlays. To create that warm, positive glow and feeling of healing, golden light effects were added over the transitions.


Keeping that effect of personal video recordings instead of glamming it up too much, a vintage-style film strip effect as is popular on social media was applied as a frame. The video we extremely well received by Fernanda as well as the clients in the video.


“Annemarie is a miracle maker. I had really basic and raw testimonials footage, and she was able to build an engaging narrative from it. She is caring and super helpful in all stages of production. If you want professional-looking videos to attract a broader and qualified audience, she is your perfect match.”

- Fernanda
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