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Romanian Friend

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Video editing

The Romanian tour company Romanian Friend wanted to include existing footage from the small group trips around the countryside into the website. This way, clients could get a better idea of the stunning scenery that awaited them and surprising encounters with the wildlife (such as seeing wild bears).


Video was the best format to bring across the excitement and feeling of being on the road. With the GoPro footage I received I created a travel video in a vlog-style that feels real and much more personal than an overproduced glossy product, thereby being in line with the authentic and approachable character that the company prides itself in.


Full video can be seen here.

“Annemarie combines German reliability with her passion for travel and artistic taste to deliver wonderful, engaging and creative videos. She made the most of the footage I provided (which wasn’t always great!), understood what ‘feeling’ I wanted the video to have and was receptive to my feedback. Once tourism recovers post-Covid, I will work with her again.”

- Marius, Owner
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