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Where does remote virtual photography work?

I lately posted yet another tiktok about how I’m in a different country than my model during a virtual photoshoot and I got questions like:


Is this a joke?

This isn’t possible.

And it amuses me because a, I love getting questions around virtual photography so I can answer them and spread the word about this amazing new tool for any creative or business owner who hangs out on social media. It’s honestly a game changer!

So I decided to make a list of the distances I’ve had between me and my clients during the actual photoshoot, just to show you how very much this is possible.

You can watch my short explainer videos about virtual photoshoots if you are not sure how they work.

How far apart can photographer and client be?

It literally does not matter for virtual photography, as long as you have stable WiFi ifi in both the location of photographer and client/subject/model.

WiFi is the most important part. The rest can be worked out.

This means I shot in eight different countries around the world within 2 months without having to travel anywhere.

Reduced travel costs and increased flexibility are just two of the major benefits of virtual photography, if you ask me.

Anyway, here are some of the virtual photoshoots where I did recently:

Bern, Switzerland: 336.02 mi (540.77 km)

Indianapolis, USA: 4465 miles (7186km)

Rockland County, USA: 3,930.67 mi (6,325.80 km)

Montréal, Canada: 3,724.63 mi (5,994.21 km)

Cape Town, South Africa: 5,809.99 mi (9,350.27 km)

London, UK: 496.29 mi (798.70 km)

Florida, USA: 4,868.52 mi (7,835.12 km)

Positano, Italy: 551 miles (887 km)

Windsor, Ontario: 4,226.29 mi (6,801.56 km)

Amsterdam, Netherlands: 311.55 mi (501.40 km)

creative layering of woman in different poses in black and pink
colourful photo of woman with curled hair and straw hat holding a huge flower bouquet in front of a brick wall

Wiesbaden, Germany: 118.45 mi (190.63 km)

Bad-Wilsnack, Germany: 219.04 mi (352.51 km)

woman seen from below with her foot stepping onto the camera and a lemon tree and bliue sky above her

San Francisco, USA: 5,745.23 mi (9,246.05 km)

Note that for all these photos, I sat at my desk in the German city of Bamberg (where I also work as a content creator and brand photographer for women entrepreneurs).

And you might have also seen that some of the photos were very heavily edited in terms of backdrop. I rarely touch my models and like to keep looks natural without retouching.

One of my specialties is not just personal brand photography that captures the authentic persona but also creative photography edits that bring out the inner queen in my models.

I do that by combining elements of old art pieces with simple photoshoots in front of a white wall, to serve as a canvas for me. It’s capturing the soul beyond a mere photograph.

If you are curious and want to connect or hire me for work, get in touch!

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