Things to consider

  • Do you want only cutting? In other words, do you need “trimming the fat” with your footage? You may already have straightforward, chronological video clips and need them in one narrative piece without any trimmings or special effects. You know, a simple video.
  • Do you have all your footage and want a cool video out of it but don’t have a great vision or narrative yet? I can look at what you have, see where the footage neatly connects, where a story could be spun, what is captivating and what can be discarded.
  • Will the video require lots of cuts, what’s the length, what’s the pacing? For instance, a very impactful 30 second video with a fast tempo, sound effects, special editing can easily take as long as a simple 5 minute vlog with only easy cuts.  
  • How much footage do you provide and what quality is it? If your footage is all over the place with different movements, some shaky and blurry parts, terrible audio or with different topics and locations, sourcing coherent material is more time intensive. Likewise, if you are sending super long and data heavy material, that adds a lot of weight to the editing process, which means spending extra time waiting for the rendering to be done to be able to do any further editing.
  • Do you have an animated intro sequence/logo/etc yet? Or do you need that edited so you can neatly include it in future projects as well and further strengthen your branding?
  • Do you want simple transitions (clean cuts) or would you like whooshes, zooms, cool fades and all the epicness?
  • Is your footage vibrant enough or do you need colour correction? Maybe you’re going for more of a vintage look with muted halftones and low contrast? Or you want to make certain colours pop?
  • Do you have your music tracks ready? Will there need to be special licenses for that?
  • Do you want extra sound effects for a more immersive and epic feel?