Three Ways to Work With Me

With video there is no one size fits all answer

Video editing can be very complex and that informs the amount of time the editing takes. I like to really sculpt my video work to my clients' needs and personal brand, which is why I offer three packages that help me to really create a tailored product.

Why do I offer combined video coaching and editing?

I believe that the fully edited video product will come out so much better if there's a clear concept on branding, on structuring it and knowing how to get good quality video in the first place. 


It not only makes the editing so much easier when there are clear steps and expectations on the vision, but overall, the video comes out looking much more polished. 


A big bonus is that once you have figured out the entire video set up and how to stage your video filming, the process is streamlined and doesn't require much thought anymore. This way, you can focus on your core business, not just producing promotional content. 

Start here

Showreel Star


Do you have video footage about your business, testimonials, scenes of your product in use and want to make a beautiful highlight video for your website?


Show your future clients exactly what you can do and touch them in the feels with your heart-based business.


I will turn your video clips into a short and captivating, fully edited video that you can proudly show as your visual business card.


Embed it on your site, share on social media and really be remembered with your audience.

What is included

  • 1 to 3-minute-long hero video/business trailer
  • 4 teaser clips/Best Ofs to share on social media
  • Styled video look in line with your branding
  • Email support
  • Bonus: One-hour creative concepting/storyboarding call

Perfect for

  • Creatives who want to show their hand-made products
  • Heartfelt business owners wanting to show the impact, community & emotional value of their services
Your investment:
  • Your video footage as well as providing copy and branding materials
  • One hour for an expert call on honing down the creative vision of the video
  • 750 EUR

Dive deeper into video marketing

Webinar Virtuoso


You have done live video and webinars and now you want to really level up and stand out with a beautifully crafted online video course that isn’t just simple text slides.


Simply turn on your camera and relay your expertise in one long take and I will take care of the rest.


I will guide you through the initial set-up, the overall concepting and take care of the entire video edit, including promotional footage for social media.


Take two hours of your time and have a series of fully edited videos created for your online course!

What is included

  • Fully edited 5-module e-course videos (mix between talking head and beautiful text overlays)
  • 5 complimentary audio tracks to serve different learner types
  • Beautifully designed, sleek and minimalist text overlays
  • 12 teaser/best of clips for sharing on social media
  • Email support
  • Bonus: Starter kit on getting your video set up right (includes e-book and one consulting/audit session, worth 120 USD)

Perfect for

  • Busy webinar and e-course creators who really want to make the most of their video marketing but don’t want to spend too much time on it
  • Having beautiful, branded videos that are ready to upload
Your investment:
  • Filming your video (about 1-hour footage) and providing copy and branding materials
  • One hour for an expert call on making your video filming process more efficient
  • 1750 EUR

Enjoy continued video support

Video Wizard

You want the full makeover with a free audit of your existing video strategy and video channel?


And a clear concept for your video marketing moving forward?


Let me help you transform your video appearances and content from the ground up to create coherent branding and infuse your unique personality into all your business videos.


I am giving you access to a three month consulting and editing that yields 6 months worth of content!

What is included

  • Fully mapped out content strategy, video concepting and copy (including SEO)
  • 3 fully edited marketing videos with 12 sharable highlight/promo teasers
  • 3 private 1-on-1 coaching sessions via video chat
  • Ongoing email support
  • Bonus: Starter kit on getting your video set up right (includes e-book and one  session, worth 120 USD)

Perfect for

  • Soul-driven, service-based entrepreneurs or small business owners that know the power of online marketing and working smart.
  • For those who already have experience in live video streams and webinars but just want to batch film their content and be done with it, so they can have a professional edit done and get their repurposed for social sharing without additional efforts. But make it glam and fun!
Your investment:
  • 8000 EUR (payment plans available)

Insights into the editing process

Over my career, I’ve encountered many instances where it became clear that clients aren’t really aware of what goes into making a video.


Unlike, for instance, with photo editing, where you can adjust things like vibrancy or specific colour hues quite easily and switch between different layers for where you manipulated parts of a photo, video is different. (And photo editing is a skill in itself. I do that too, by the way.)


Typically, video is cut to a certain flow, dictated by things such as natural camera movements to blend into subtle transitions, the beats of the underlying music and pacing. To quickly insert or take out a clip, can totally change the entire flow of the video. It’s never a simple copy and paste step like it is in a Word document.


Here are some steps an edit includes:

Sorting footage

Viewing source material and selecting clips
Round one


Importing video into program and ordering clips

First cut

Creating a rough cut (to music) for a first idea of the final video look


First review by client with notes and suggestions

Second edit

Revision according to feeback, possibly reordering
Round two

Fine tuning

Adding effects, sound, text and colour corrections

Exporting video

Client receives compressed version until final payment is received

Final review

Client chooses to continue with editing or receive HQ export.

Things to consider

Before each project we’ll discuss the following questions. I will send you a questionnaire and jump on a quick call to really clarify your vision and translate that into great video. Even if you’re thinking of handing over all the creative licence, in the back of your head you do have some quiet expectations. Let’s get it all out and get you that dream video!

  • Do you want only cutting? In other words, do you need “trimming the fat” with your footage? You may already have straightforward, chronological video clips and need them in one narrative piece without any trimmings or special effects. You know, a simple video.
  • Do you have all your footage and want a cool video out of it but don’t have a great vision or narrative yet? I can look at what you have, see where the footage neatly connects, where a story could be spun, what is captivating and what can be discarded.
  • Will the video require lots of cuts, what’s the length, what’s the pacing? For instance, a very impactful 30 second video with a fast tempo, sound effects, special editing can easily take as long as a simple 5 minute vlog with only easy cuts.  
  • How much footage do you provide and what quality is it? If your footage is all over the place with different movements, some shaky and blurry parts, terrible audio or with different topics and locations, sourcing coherent material is more time intensive. Likewise, if you are sending super long and data heavy material, that adds a lot of weight to the editing process, which means spending extra time waiting for the rendering to be done to be able to do any further editing.
  • Do you have an animated intro sequence/logo/etc yet? Or do you need that edited so you can neatly include it in future projects as well and further strengthen your branding?
  • Do you want simple transitions (clean cuts) or would you like whooshes, zooms, cool fades and all the epicness?
  • Is your footage vibrant enough or do you need colour correction? Maybe you’re going for more of a vintage look with muted halftones and low contrast? Or you want to make certain colours pop?
  • Do you have your music tracks ready? Will there need to be special licenses for that?
  • Do you want extra sound effects for a more immersive and epic feel?

Remember, everyone can cut a video but to really get a feeling for timing, well placed cuts and knowing how to use fancy transitions effectively, a video editor is key.


A video ideally causes an emotional reaction in the audience, a feeling that ultimately informs your client of how your product will make a difference, not just factually, but also emotionally.


And video can really tap into emotions with music, looks and pacing. If you know how to.

To get a clear idea of what type of video you had in mind and that works well for your marketing goals, get in touch with me now.