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Not only do I offer video edits, but together with previous marketing aligment consultations, a concepting call and overarching campaign strategy, videos can reach a much bigger potential.

For a trip to Malta, a series of guide videos were produced and hosted on Facebook, YouTube and a travel blog, garning a total of over 75K views.

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1/3 of worldwide internet traffic is video (Source)

Viewers retain 95% more information via video compared to text (Source)

Branded facebook videos have a 135% better reach than photos (Source)

78% of people watch online videos weekly, and 55% view online videos daily (Source)

Whether it is for tourism destination marketing or to promote a tour company, hotel or other tourism business marketing in 2021 should include video.

A video campaign can include the following:

🎞  A fully edited series of longer format videos for Facebook/YouTube in the form of virtual destination guides, tour highlights, city card trailers, etc.

✂️  Repurposing of video into smaller sections to be shared as Youtube shorts, Instagram posts/stories/reels, TikToks and animated pins

🎙  Interviews with staff, guests and locals to incorporate more voices and create an authentic experience

🎥  Prior video conception and campaign planning, filming on location, on-camera hosting, YouTube SEO, thumbnail photography

💬  Video creation can include follower participation through live streams, daily polls and including interaction prompts/feedback therefore increasing engagement and reach

New York Fashion Week Video Portfolio Vlog - portfolio Annemarie Strehl
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Represented as media at New York Fashion Week in the autumn of 2019, I was invited to exclusive fashion shows and events.


On those, I documented the event in photos and videos, did interviews with designers and models, and created a vlog-style edit together with on-the-day video stories for social media.

Tamakwa Camp Video Workshops
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As part of a unique program at Canadian summer camp Tamakwa, I taught hands-on video classes and oversaw student video productions.


I personally captured daily footage and edited 20 uniquely edited videos over the span of 9 weeks, which were added to the official portfolio of the brand TamakwaTV.

Tourism video editing portfolio
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Romanian tour company Romanian Friend wanted to include existing footage of  the small group trips on their website.


Video was the best format to transport the excitement of being on the road. With the GoPro footage I received I created a travel video in a vlog-style that felt in line with the authentic and approachable brand vibe.

“I have said it before and I will say it again, what you’re doing with travel videos is revolutionary.


You’re bringing one of the most unique ways of storytelling in a landscape of travel video that all feel the same.”


Ariel Viera

Urbanist Live

“Annemarie combines German reliability with her passion for travel and artistic taste to deliver wonderful, engaging and creative videos. She made the most of the footage I provided (which wasn’t always great!), understood what ‘feeling’ I wanted the video to have and was receptive to my feedback."


Marius Iliescu

Romanian Friend

"Annemarie was very fast to produce a rough cut for my intro sequence, and after one round of feedback she nailed it. She’s attentive to channel branding, mood, and theme."


Nora Dunn

The Professional Hobo