noisy black and white photo of blonde woman in business attire sitting at her office table

Virtual Business Profile Photoshoot

If you want quick and effortless business photos at home or in your office, you can book a virtual photosession. It’s great for a quick refresher & new content. Here’s an example of a session I did recently with Model Anna Laura.

blonde woman in black turtleneck and white pants sitting on white couch, while working on the laptop in her lap
blonde woman in black turtleneck and white pants fixes her black stiletto heels underneath a rooftop window

The setting was a simple home office background with lots of creamy whites.

So we matched the wardrobe to keep the minimalist look going throughout.

The black top added a good focal point.

I wanted to try out different effects of medium and full body shots.

So, I tried both the regular photo lens and ultra wide lens of the model’s camera.

Which one do you like best?

blonde woman in black turtleneck and white pants sitting on white couch, leaning towards camera
blonde woman in black turtleneck and white pants sitting on white couch, fixing her hair

I really do like the wide lens effect, but sadly we couldn’t tilt the phone enough, so the medium shots work best here.

But I might honestly go try the AI feature with the new beta version of Photoshop (from May 2023) to see if I can manipulate the wide angle image for a better composition. I’ll add that to my to do list.

Any way, as usual, the entire session lasted about 20 minutes and we tried four different spots in the location for variety, posing and light. I like to keep the shoot moving and add literal movement to stir inspiration and keep the model also entertained.

smiling blonde woman in black turtleneck and grey tweet blazer leans on wooden table
blonde woman in black shirt, grey blazer and beige pants leans against window front of a balcony

I mean, I usually crack a few jokes, give silly prompts and have fun just by seeing how my directions are interpreted when the model can’t see me on the screen.

(We use the regular phone camera, not the selfie camera and so the camera face is turned away from the subject.)

I have a virtual photosession scheduled in a business office environment soon and cannot wait to share the results with you then. It will be different yet again. Different town, different style, different model. I’m super excited.

In case you do want to try virtual photography or even want to gift it for a (business) friend who’s been meaning to update her branding. Get in touch via my contact form in the menu bar or book right here!

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