What is virtual photography?

It’s like having your very own professional photography in your phone.
Wherever you go, as long as you have internet, you can allow your favourite photographer access to your phone cameras via an app.
This way, you can pose hands free, get expert directions, tips on poses and have the ultimate “Instagram husband” experience.
In essence, it’s like a fun video call with a bestie. Only, you get stunning “selfies” that are also beautifully edited. And stand out! I do like to add an artsy touch if desired.
I call my virtual photos “selfies 2.0”.

How does virtual photography work?

  1. You can jump on a creative call with me to see how we’re vibing, what your vision/goal is, how I can help with creative direction, etc.
  2. You book a session with me + schedule your preferred time.
  3. You download Shutter App and send over your code.
  4. We have a fun photo session.
  5. I edit the best photos and send them to you within 2 business days.
  6. Be amazed by how great virtual photography works and how fabulous you look!


I have a whole article on 15 advantages virtual photography has for entrepreneurs, but here are the core points.

For Business

  • It’s convenient! No need to step out the door or travel anywhere.
  • It’s fast! You get professional photos and content in 30 minutes
  • It’s savvy! Like having your own photo assistant in your phone.
  • It’s marketable! Capture your day-to-day, events, travels, etc.
  • It’s scalable! Have seasonal content lined up and ready-made.

For Yourself

  • Feel empowered! Capture your personal journey at various stages and look back at your progress.
  • Feel beautiful! Everyone’s photogenic with the right direction and rapport.
  • Vibe high! Get showered with compliments.


What others say

"I showed people the photos and everyone was floored. I have to say, it was a fantastic experience!"
"It was a fun and new experience. And really uncomplicated. Nice!!"
"The photos turned out really great!"

Speedy Snaps

Need a branding refresh, new content or just want to feel beautiful? Book me for a one-off virtual photo session.

  • Information Booklet
  • 40 min creative chat
  • 30 min photo session
  • ~15 photos
  • 1-2 outfits/locations

Your investment: 300 EUR

Quarter Glow-Up

Having easy-breezy content has never been more convenient & fun.

Spend half an hour with me per day for 10 days and 3 months of content is ready to go!

  • 3×60 min sessions on branding, content strategy & creative concepting
  • 5x30min virtual shoots
  • 100 edited photos
  • 15 edited vertical videos

Your investment: 5000 EUR*

Content Queen

Need to have your personal pocket photographer at hand? Ready to commit to a year of fresh content that follows your biz personal journey? I got you.

  • 4x Quarter Glow Up but you save 5000 EUR!

Your investment: 15,000 EUR*

*Payment plans area available. Personalized offers are possible. Also, if you want a “trial run” and do the Speedy Snap session first, the 300 EUR will be deducted from the package price if you book it within 1 month after that session.

Note that these are popular suggestions and I am always open for individual and totally bespoke packages in line with your overall branding and marketing goals. I am obsessed with making sure ALL your online presentation feels like an extension of yourself.

Want to give it a go?

Got questions? Or want a tailored solution?