phone device
woman with red hair sitting on floor, cuddling a white, fluffy cat in front of a wooden door with glass panels
woman seen from below with her foot stepping onto the camera and a lemon tree and bliue sky above her
close up photo of a blonde woman in a floral dress holding a white flower between her lips, looking up. her face is edited in black and white, the background is in colour.
five copies of the same woman are lounging around the edge of a three-storied, grey water fountain
blonde woman in black turtleneck and white pants sitting on white couch, while working on the laptop in her lap
blonde woman in black turtleneck and white pants fixes her black stiletto heels underneath a rooftop window
woman in red top is holding a dandelion in front of a graffiti covered wall
woman in red top is crouching in front of a graffiti covered wall

What is virtual photography?

It’s like having your very own professional photography in your phone.
Wherever you go, as long as you have internet, you can allow your favourite photographer access to your phone cameras via an app.
This way, you can pose hands free, get expert directions, tips on poses and have the ultimate “Instagram husband” experience.
In essence, it’s like a fun video call with a bestie. Only, you get stunning “selfies” that are also beautifully edited. And stand out! I do like to add an artsy touch.

How does virtual photography work?

  1. You can jump on a creative call with me to see how we’re vibing, what your vision/goal is, how I can help with creative direction, etc.
  2. You book a session with me + schedule your preferred time.
  3. You download Shutter App and send over your code.
  4. We have a fun photo session.
  5. I edit the best photos and send them to you within 2 business days.
  6. Be amazed by how great virtual photography works and how fabulous you look!

What others say

"I showed around the photos and everyone was floored. I have to say, it was a fantastic experience!"
"It was a fun and new experience. And really uncomplicated. Nice!!"
"The photos turned out really great!"

Speedy Snaps

Need a few professional profile photos a, know exactly what you want and just want professional directions and edits?

  • Information Booklet
  • 15 min session
  • 3 edited photos
  • 1 outfit/location
  • 65 USD

Simply You

Capture your essence, feel empowered and have fun in your own personalised portrait photo session with expert advice.

  • 30 min counsulting
  • 30 min session
  • 10-15 edited photos
  • 1 outfit/location
  • 210 USD

Content Queen

Get professional brand photos and potential content for an entire month in one go!

  • 30 min counsulting
  • 60 min session
  • 25-30 edited photos
  • 1-3 outfit/location
  • 330 USD