What is virtual photography?

It’s like having your very own professional photography in your phone.
Wherever you go, as long as you have internet, you can allow your favourite photographer access to your phone cameras via an app.
This way, you can pose hands free, get expert directions, tips on poses and have an actually fun experience.
In essence, it’s like a fun video call with a bestie. Only, you get stunning “selfies” that are also beautifully edited. And stand out! I do like to add an artsy touch if desired.
The goal is to really capture your personality!
I call my virtual photos “selfies 2.0”.

How does virtual photography work?

  1. You can jump on a creative call with me to see how we’re vibing, what your vision/goal is, how I can help with creative direction, etc.
  2. You book a session with me + schedule your preferred time.
  3. You download Shutter App and send over your code.
  4. We have a fun photo session.
  5. I edit the best photos and send them to you within 2 business days.
  6. Be amazed by how great virtual photography works and how fabulous you look!


I have a whole article on 15 advantages virtual photography has for entrepreneurs, but here are the core points.

For Business

  • It’s convenient! No need to step out the door or travel anywhere.
  • It’s fast! You get professional photos and content in 30 minutes
  • It’s savvy! Like having your own photo assistant in your phone.
  • It’s marketable! Capture your day-to-day, events, travels, etc.
  • It’s scalable! Have seasonal content lined up and ready-made.

For Yourself

  • Feel empowered! Capture your personal journey at various stages and look back at your progress.
  • Feel beautiful! Everyone’s photogenic with the right direction and rapport.
  • Vibe high! Get showered with compliments.


"Shooting with Annemarie today was an amazing experience! I have done remote shoots before. But with her, it was so much more personalised. It was a lot of fun! We went through the outfits, the jewellery, everything I had here together and it was just very streamlined. It's a lot less pressure. It's so much more relaxed. Remote shoots are quickly becoming a favourite of mine."
"It was a fun and new experience. And really uncomplicated. Nice!!"
"Annemarie was a pleasure to work with! She is very kind, down-to-Earth and professional and the entire experience together was a breeze. This being my first virtual photoshoot, I didn't know what to expect and she helped make it a positive and fun one.. As well, her work is very unique and I was happy that I got to participate in her creative vision! Thank you Annemarie!"
"I showed people the photos and everyone was floored. I have to say, it was a fantastic experience!"
"This photoshoot also resulted in photos that were way more creative than I would've taken on my own."
"Great experience, photoshoot was lovely & easy thanks to Annemarie’s brilliant guidance!"
"What a wonderful experience! It was my first virtual shoot, and Annemarie immediately put me at ease. She directed me very well during the shoot, even though she was in Germany and I was in Canada. We had a lot of fun! The result is amazing. I love the photos! Annemarie is a true artist who knows how to use technology. I'd work with her anytime. I highly recommend her."


How we can work together

woman in pink holding a laptop and phone in a cute way

The Hermit - Virtual Sesh

  • Shoot Guide
  • Concept & prep call
  • Virtual photo session

Prices starting from 150 EUR

The Empress - Artsy Shoot

Get to know your inner Goddess on a whole other level and see visual proof. Epic profile picture alert!


Prices starting from 550 EUR

The Magician - Content + Calls

  • Monthly content sessions
  • Mentoring & check in calls
  • Creativity Infusion

Prices starting from 4000 EUR

Note that these are popular suggestions and I am always open for individual and totally bespoke packages in line with your overall branding and marketing goals. I am obsessed with making sure ALL your online presentation feels like an extension of yourself. Also, payment plans are available upon request.

FAQ - Common Questions

Not as long as you have solid WiFi on your phone.

We connect via an app, so we don’t even have to be on the same continent. It’s the magic of technology!

I work with Shutter App. Alternatively, I also use Clos App, which can record video footage as well.

Both are free.

I mostly clean up and work with the colouring. Depending on what concept and shoot we agree on, I also edit in a more editorial or artistic way.

Sometimes I do collages with historic paintings or draw on the images myself.

I only do light touch ups and do not change body features.

Absolutely not. I cannot stress enough how crucial communication is. I am really good at reading people, but I’m not a mind reader.

And in most cases, it’s my questions and the way I listen that brings out people’s ideas they didn’t even think about before.

While I am the creative director, photographer and editor, it’s a co-creative process. You are not my puppet to prop up.

I want you to own your own power and agency too! I’m by your side to assist and manifest it.

You need a phone that is no older than 4 years (due to camera quality).

A tripod is essential, but you could also ask a friend to hold the phone for you. I then direct them too.

If you have a lightning setup like a softbox or ringlight, that would be a bonus but is not required as I like working with natural light and we’ll discuss the best time of the day for your location.

I can send you a moodboard and posing ideas/videos before the shoot to get you prepped.

But during the shoot you will not really be able to see me, so you can’t see me contorting myself on my chair to show you poses.

What I do instead is paint elaborate pictures and stories to get you into a playful mood and adopt poses naturally.

Nope. For the artistic Empress shoots, I usually work with a white wall and white bedsheet as your outfit. You’re my canvas!

The magic happens during the shoot, when I get a feel for your vibe and then translate that into Photoshop. I never quite know what the end result will be, that’s up to the creative flow.

If you do want a specific concept and use specific props, we discuss that in our creative call. So you know what you can use or need to get before the shoot.

In our creative call, we can go through ideas for outfits and what would make you pop in your setting. And what clothes & patterns to avoid in photos.

If you want a chat with a professional stylist, I can also connect you with wonderful experts I know.

Nonsense! Everyone looks derpy when you take selfies way too close, are stiff and don’t know how to work photography in any circumstance. (I’m very resourceful.)

Just look at paparazzi pics of celebrities. Don’t fall for the curated social media illusion!

And what differentiates you feeling cute and taking a selfie that feels meh is the energy. I bring a lot of that to the table.

Having someone else there to look at all the details, think about all the steps for you while you just have fun (and don’t have to do really much work at all) results in entirely different photos.


Nope, but I definitely prefer it and so far my photoshoots have resonated solely with women.

If you want me to shower you with compliments and call you Queen, we’re a match.

Want to give it a go?

Got questions? Or want a tailored solution?