blonde model in white blouse and blue jeans sits on a roof terrace holding a flower

Virtual Photoshoot at Home

Did you know you don’t have to leave the house or have a local photographer come to your house to get professional photos of yourself? You can have a virtual photoshoot at home!

This means, a virtual photographer like me can take photos with your phone via an app during the session, guide you on best spots, poses and overall concept. Here’s one example.

black and white photo of woman with curled hair and straw hat holding a huge flower bouquet in front of a brick wall

This session was the first forray into virtual photography for German model Anna Alexis Posch. (You can see our later ballgown shoot here.)

We had a lot of fun trying out different poses, spots and props on a private rooftop.

The sun was in our favour, the flowers were blooming and the shadows fell just right.

Especially when you shoot with a phone camera, like you do in virtual photo sessions, you have to work with what the phone is acapable of.

While most current camera models are pretty good in terms of quality and different lighting conditions, I do prefer well lit settings and knowing about where the sun sits in the sky in advance to any shoot.

It just makes things run more smoother and helps figure out the best positions up front without wasting time during the actual shoot.

The first spot we picked on the rooftop was a shady corner with lots of angles.

I purposefully showed a brick wall and concrete railing to add some simple edgy touch to the otherwise delicate floral foreground.

The idea in regards to wardribe and makeup was to keep things simple and summer-like.

With a big white shirt given shape with a brown belt that matched the hay and brown band of the hat.

The blue jeans added a little bit of colour that made the yellow flowers pop a little more as well.

The makeup was kept light and in nude tones to not distract from the overall vibe and blend in.

woman in white shirt and straw hat looks into distance while holding a yellow flower

Overall, it turned out pretty nice and you can see some snippets from the shoot in the video testimonial Anna gave about the session here.

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