Wild Floral Photoshoot

I do love a good self portrait session. It’s excellent practice for my photography business. Plus, it helps me flex my creative muscle and invites inspiration in when it strikes, instead of putting it on the backburner for later. (That also never works). If you don’t know who I am, hi! I’m Annemarie, a photographer based in Bamberg.

The magic of Photoshop
helped me with a sea of leaves

A total of 12 layers
make up this image

I am a multipassionate entrepreneur and photography is just one of my many businesses. My main super power is ideation. I get a random download, run with it and it results in the most magical projects.

Whether that is for my social media clients (I also offer coaching and content creation services) or my video projects (I film, edit and produce videos for digital marketing). If I feel the itch underneath my fingernails to realise an idea, I need to do it now and fast to keep ahold of it. Or it will fizzle out really quick.

It’s a very ADHD-style approach butb one that has worked wonderfully for my own business and my clients. Fast turnaround, unexpected, eye catching results. I love it.

And for this floral photoshoot, the situation was pretty similar.

The blue edit was actually unintentional,
but I loved how it brought out the reds; so I kept it.

I went to the local market to just look at the flowers, no intention of buying. But then I just had to pick a bunch of Australian flowers. And as I was placing them in my vase, I felt the urge to celebrate them through photography. They were just too pretty to not capture in a unique way.

And so I layered on some heavy full eye makeup that matched each flower to create (at first) minimalist editorial-style photography.

Once I had all the flower shoot photos uploaded to my computer, inspiration struck again and out of one flower I cloned multiple, layered photos and created these gorgeous photos. Honestly, I can see these living in a fashion magazine and am really proud of how they turned out.

If you are curious to know what the plants I used are:

  • Leucospermum cordifolium (pin cushions)
  • Leucadendrons
  • Monstera leaf
  • Ilex berries

Can’t wait to maybe recreate this with an actual model for a professional photoshoot for a client. Ideas can always be improved upon and refreshed.

Should you appreciate great visuals for your own business, feel free to reach out and we can discuss your project.

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